Using OpenEM with Docker

OpenEM Lite image

The OpenEM docker image in version 0.1.3 and upwards has been retooled to be a slimmer image based on NVIDIA’s GPU cloud offerings. The openem_lite image can be used for both training and inference of OpenEM models.

Installing the image

The docker image is provided from dockerhub, and can be installed with:

docker pull cvisionai/openem_lite:latest

Building the image

  • Follow instructions here to install nvidia-docker.
  • From the openem config directory run the following command:
make openem_lite

Running outside of docker

Versions 0.1.3 and later of OpenEM do not have a hard requirement of using the supplied docker image. It is possible to install the openem deployment library outside of docker.

$> cd deploy_python
$> pip3 install .
$> python3
%python3> import openem